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In 2001, I coached myself through the most traumatic experience of my life. I was emotionally stuck and did not believe there was a way out…
Everyone experiences a time, event, or environment that feels suffocating, as if there is no way to get the vital air we need to catch our next breath. We tend to become emotionally stuck and unable to shake it off. All the answers we need—believe it or not—come from within. 
Coaching is extremely powerful and can help you in ways you never imagined. My role as your partner and coach is to help you discover those answers—to shift your energy and help you move forward. Let me guide you to be in the best place of your life. Allow me to be a part of your journey and take you to the next level of living your best life. I can:

1) Support you in understanding what is blocking your true desire.

2) Help you tap into your true potential and overcome adversity or obstacles keeping you stuck in one place.

3) Guide you and help peel off the layers in order to shift your energy and discover joy.

Be Better Package


12 weeks, 45 minute weekly sessions

Journal included



16 weeks, 45 minute weekly sessions

Journal included



6 months, one hour weekly sessions

Two 1 hour strategy/goal setting sessions

Four 15 minute check-ins

Journal included

BREAKTHROUGH Individual Coaching

Coaching can be the best investment in yourself you ever make. There is nothing you cannot overcome with the right guidance. It is not an overnight process, but becomes possible with time, dedication, and love. I can help you shift your energy and evolve to where you truly want to be. I bring the experience of overcoming my own adversity and turning it into an advantage. Let me guide you to do the same. I believe in you, and with this process, the result can be beautiful.


Overcoming adversity can be one of the biggest challenges we face in our lives. We all have our own battles, and it can be extremely difficult to move forward when faced with difficult situations. At times, we can feel emotionally stuck, but giving up and giving in to the negativity is not an option! Retrain your brain to be more positive and to become more resilient! I will help you pivot and turn adversity into advantage. This 6-week class, which meets in the virtual environment, can give you the skills to deal with adversity head on, build on your strengths, persevere, and become resilient. 

LEARN, GROW, & GO Team Workshops

Effective communication and team bonding happens best when members understand each others’ strengths, weaknesses, and interests. The TeamBonding Workshop is a powerful encounter which helps teams reconnect, learn more about one another, and have fun. This workshop can help boost morale and stimulate connectivity among team members. Coaching and team bonding exercises blend to help employees focus on being the best version of themselves, which in turn contributes to high functioning and performing teams!

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